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The pace of change in business and especially in the IT world is extraordinary and if you don't keep up, you can easily be left behind. But it shouldn't be change for change sake; we'll help you decide what changes to your IT infrastructure will make you more competitive. 

An IT Refresh

is a chance for you to evaluate your IT infrastructure and weigh the costs and benefits of trying something new. It’s a good time to look at the current IT environment and research what other options are available that may better suit your needs. We can help you use IT to level the playing field and increase your efficiency and competitiveness.

Service Management

It takes the right mix of people, processes and information technology to implement and manage quality IT services to meet the needs of a business - and that's what you'll find at Dworkin.

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The backbone of your working environment. A set of information technology components - the foundation of your IT service.

Data management

The art of acquiring, validating, storing, protecting and processing the data that your users need to do their jobs and making it accessible to them reliably, whenever and wherever they need it.


From your fundamental operating tools to specialised financial packages, asset management, sales tools, statistical and marketing solutions. The right software will make running and growing your business a breeze.

Service management

is all about making a business run. It's the perfect blend of implementation, management and delivery of IT services; meeting the needs of your company using the right mix of people, processes, and technology.


Share with us your goals and challenges and our team of IT Experts will work on a solution with you that ticks all the boxes and at a price that works for you. Our specialists will focus on integrating information technology into your business and showing you how to use IT more efficiently to help reach your objectives and targets. 

Helpdesk support incl white label options

Offering a single point of contact for your users to get assistance. Skilled engineers remotely resolving issues, keeping your staff working and productive, re-enforcing your IT policies. Whitelabeled services available.

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