Company journey in a nutshell


  • Established in 1995 in Prague, Czech Republic
  • 100% privately held by its founder
  • ISO 9001:2001 certified since May 2004, when the Czech Republic joined the EU
  • Constant economic growth since the company has been founded, even during the 2008 financial crisis
  • Expansion into the UK in 2012
  • Holding structure and legal entity set up in the Netherlands in March 2017. And as of today a further eight branches across Europe.
  • In November 2018 launched Dworkin CH GmbH with both French and German speaking engineers
  • Between 2019 and 2020 Dworkin established 12 new offices around the UK and Europe and built a network of strategic partners cross Americas as well as Asia Pacific region
  • In 2022, Dworkin continued growing. We currently have more than 22 offices across Europe, Canada, USA, Pacific Asia and Africa. In some regions we also collaborate with our network of contractors.


IT engineers
countries covered
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active clients in total
Sales Director of Dworkin Group

Same same, but different

We may all wear the same shirt but we're very much individuals - our strength lies our diversity. Each person brings something different to the party. The real power of our team comes from the knowledge and experience we share and the way we cooperate with each other. In my case, my strength is my reliability. And it's vital in the job I do. The client has to know beyond all doubt that they can rely on me.

Scope & Size


  • Dworkin’s core business is IT Services, IT Products and IT Solutions
  • Project and Service Management, On-Site and Remote Support, Helpdesk, IT Audits, Documentation and Training, Change Control and Standards Management, Network Management and IT Security , Supply Chain & Logistics, Financial Services, DR Solutions, Cloud & Virtual Services, Data Management
  • 270+ IT engineers supported by Sales, Finance, HR and Back Office teams
  • Coverage across 77+ countries and more than 270 cities globally (05/2023)
  • Selected services provided globally (Asia Pacific & Americas)
  • The Dworkin Helpdesk supports 362 clients with 450,000+ end users
  • 1500+ active clients in total
  • Constant growth
  • 29% increase in revenue year ending August 2020 followed by 14% decrease in 2021 due to the global circumstances
  • 7% staff increase (new staff last year to support growth)
  • Acquisition of United Systems Italy s.r.l.
  • High employee retention - only 2% staff turnover


Our Partners

CEO of the DWORKIN group

Bucking the trend doesn't necessarily mean old-fashioned

One of my roles in Dworkin has been to develop our Helpdesk platform into a customer service tool. The paradox is, that Dworkin as an IT company prefers personal contact with its clients. We understand that the client frequently has no idea about the problem they're facing. But they need to solve it regardless. So the physical and frequent presence of our people on a client's site engenders great confidence. It's a completely different type of client service, which goes against the trend.

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