Story by Antonio CARVALHO

After working for ten years as an IT support engineer for one of Dworkin’s key partners in Portugal; Martin, the founder of Dworkin, gave me a new challenge.

This may not be the norm In other companies but Dworkin has a different view on life. Because we are such a close knit community, everyone is in close contact and knows what everyone else is up to. Even if you are miles away from the headquarters in Prague, people still know how you are doing and what you are doing and give you the chance to excel when you’re doing your job well. So first I was promoted to field manager and now I manage projects from Prague and travel all over Europe.

We are fire prevention NOT fire fighters

The companies I worked with prior to Dworkin were really nothing more than Fire Stations. They weren’t proactive, they just dealt with what was thrown at them. They weren’t getting to the root cause; they were just putting out fires. My world today is completely different. We are all focused on avoiding fires.

We work on giving a client a solution before the fire hits. It’s about avoiding problems. What is really unique is that we truly work as a team - a bit of a cliche I know but it’s true. At Dworkin, we all work as friends; family even; to help each other and to share our knowledge. We don’t hide from one another. We don’t sweep problems under the carpet.

There is only one way to work. Do it right!




Me and my colleagues share one very important trait. A job well done starts from good understanding, good planning and a solid solution. No task is beneath us. Doesn’t matter if it's just about replacing one cable, it just needs to be done as well as it can be done. This is basically at the very heart of everything we do.

Diversity, curiosity, collaboration

Dworkin is not a big company, in comparison to others. But, we are bold in our thinking. We cover a large area because we work closely together and communicate regularly. We share our experiences with our colleagues - face to face and not just via reams of excel sheets and documents.


I’m always open to new ideas, I am lucky to see different ways of doing things. Every day is different here – I love to travel, I love experiencing different cultures. As a company, we still get a lot of pleasure from embracing new ideas and experiences - we haven’t become jaded. We all have a voice and are happy to see our colleagues succeed. That’s what keeps me here. And makes me happy to go to work everyday.

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Engineers wanted

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