Story by Jakub VEJVODA

Expansion or explosion?

Expansion or explosion?

Dworkin has been in business for more or less the same time as the public internet itself, as our founder, Martin KRIVY, often likes to say. As we're pretty much living with constant change, we're well versed in how to adapt. However the speed of growth over the last year has been really challenging - we're covering new territories, we've added thousands of new end-users, explored various culture or market specifics on the way, and more - and all the while keeping the mood upbeat within the company.

I believe, that the secret of success is to always pay attention to the basics; whatever speed we're running at, however far or high we travel. That's the magic of the vibe in our company I guess..  

We always find time for a beer, however busy we are

Do you know any other CEO who takes all their employees, contractors and their families on holiday? If yes, please call me, I'd like to feel bit less important :)

Dworkinadas have been a company tradition for as long as I can remember. Browsing through the photos, there were just a few people in the beginning. Last year Martin, our founder, booked a whole plane to get us to our destination. This kind of generosity is bit of a contrast to the cars we drive and the shoes we wear. But again, I think that's the way to succeed and be proud of the team you're part of.

Of course we train our clients. But their kids?!

Honestly, the first time a client called us to see if we could provide an internship to his son, I was shocked. I didn't know what to think. Would it be a good idea or not to bring someone like that in. But at the end of the day - what could be a better sign of appreciation of our long-term attitude than that? And of course it shows commitment to and belief in the longevity of our company.

Want to be part of the team?

Want to be part of the team?

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