Story by David MALANCUK

No primadonnas

It may be a bit of an exaggeration I know, but you could almost say it doesn't matter what type of infrastructure a client has or how hard we've worked; it all boils down to whether the client is happy. From the very start, our founder defined how he measured success - total uncompromising focus on the client's level of satisfaction. It took me some time to appreciate just how broad this concept is. There's no hierarchy, no protocols, no invisible board within our company. Rather it's all about our hands-on approach and a global team rich in experience who are always happy to share their knowledge. What more could you ask of your colleagues? And it's thanks to attitudes like that, that keeps our team coming out on top.

"I don't really think about what our exact turnover is. But I know that we're rich; rich in knowledge and experience. And sharing knowledge is what makes us special.

Engineers wanted

Engineers wanted

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