Story by Simone NEWSON

After 5 years of studying and back in the UK, I finally joined the workforce and that first job turned out to be in IT but working for a German company selling ERP solutions. It turned out that the combination of technology, sales, training and programming suited me better than the traditional language path of translation or interpreting.

Experience from the other side of the fence

That first job opened my eyes to new opportunities so I jumped at the chance to join Regus and deploy a managed internet solution to all of their centres and customers. When I joined, there were 150 centers but that was changing weekly. That’s how I met Dworkin - we were working together to make those projects a reality. Dworkin were in a class of their own from the very beginning - they really got it - focus on people, provide a really good service; all for a fair price.

So after 22 years, I jumped the fence.

I like to know that what we’re delivering is real

One of the main differences for me working with Dworkin is that what we deliver is tried and tested. It’s not a pipedream. I help Dworkin understand how our customers think, how the customer’s world works, what they really want so that we keep on giving them real solutions.

It helps that I have had a lot of exposure to what people in big organizations need - what sorts of problems they have and the types of solutions that will help them. And with a background in languages, I understand all about the importance of communication. People talk to people not mailboxes. People work better with people they trust. And that’s a key part of my role; mediating communication both with and from Dworkin. I’m helping to explain who we are, what we do and why we do it better.

Every voice is important here at Dworkin

I’ve worked from home for the last 7 years but since joining Dworkin, it feels different. I’m not isolated; I know that there’s a team of people I can call at any time whether I need help or just want to catch up. I feel like I’m part of the family even though I’m so far away from the HQ; the level of support is excellent because people do care!

Every voice is important. It doesn’t matter who you are in the company. Everyone can and does make a difference,

And no one day is the same.


I love travelling. I’ve visited over 50 countries so far and am already planning my next trip to Papua New Guinea. I’ve 2 rescue dogs, who keep me on my toes so it’s good that I love exercising and walking. I do a lot of gardening (favourite plant: rhododendrons)


Empathy and rapport. I am genuinely interested in people. When I meet someone for the first time, I want to know all about them. I remember their name, their family details, what’s going in their life. And the added bonus is that it really helps when doing new business. Everyone wants to know that they are important.

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Want to be part of the team?

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