Story by Barbara HAVLAKOVA

A friendly atmosphere is a good cure for everyday stress

The atmosphere's been nothing but friendly since the first moment I walked through the Dworkin doors. Honestly, it was one of the main reasons for accepting this job. Now I've been with the team for more than five years so my first impression was right and still holds true:)

We all support and respect each other - that's the culture of the company. And it's what helps us face our everyday challenges and stops us from getting too stressed.

years with the company
offices to be supported by our back-office team
colleagues including the boss that need to be looked after
coffees or at least cookies needed per day

I'm here to support the team

When I get a task, I’m not told how to do it. I have to find my own solution and get the job done on time. Sure, we all make mistakes from time to time, but no one puts you down. The team simply helps you fix it. This is really heart warming and makes me feel at ease. It certainly keeps the stress at bay even during the busiest of seasons. I really enjoy working with our back office team, and although I'm physically in an office, it's far from a standard office environment.

People usually stay a good length of time with the company

Once someone gets a job here, they don't generally leave. There are even cases where colleagues have left but have then come back. I think it's because they like the balance between freedom and responsibility that we have here; the fact they can work out their own way to do their job. Actually everyone is able to choose what they do (as long as it benefits the company of course) and how best to combine their career and private life.

What I really like about my colleagues though is that although they're all excellent in what they do, the atmosphere is not competitive and we have fun working together. 

Engineers wanted

Engineers wanted

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