Story by Remi FOURNIE

My journey into the world of IT began in marketing. At that time I needed some software tools for work but they weren’t available. So I developed them myself. It started as a hobby, but it gradually took up more and more of my time until IT became my main focus and I ended up establishing my own company.

We have been working with Dworkin for 6 years now. It all started when Martin (founder and CEO) was looking for a partner in France to help him manage the ever-increasing workload for Regus. The client had decided to have an external company handle their IT maintenance and was ready to sign a maintenance contract. This was the first time that had happened. Needless to say how important that was.

We are a Phone-A-Friend Lifeline for when your computer stops working

It's interesting to see the “small differences” in IT attitudes across different countries and cultures. In the French market, you soon see two areas that set them apart.

First of all, poor spoken English. Unfortunately, it's not the norm in France for people to have a good command of the language. And secondly, end users are not really that excited by IT.

Local support is still very important. Because clients need someone to respond quickly when they have a problem. Everyone wants personalised support, even if it's just over the phone. They need to speak with a real person who understands the problem and can translate it into IT speak. 

Never say die

Saying "NO" to a client is not an option for us, even if it means working outside business hours or during the week-end. The client's satisfaction is important and we need to be able to deliver under any circumstances. If the work needs to be done after business hours, that’s when it will be done. The most important thing is to respond quickly to the client’s request.

Just get the job done. It's that simple. True success is being a partner, not just a supplier.

So, we don't treat our clients as numbers. The human touch is crucial. At Dworkin, we are one big family and see our clients as part of it. If I don't know something, I pick up the phone and call one of my colleagues, night or day. And no-one tells me to get lost.

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