Martin KRIVY
Story by Martin KRIVY

Constant change is the nature of our job

When I started in the IT support business it was a world of IBM PC AT and XT, Windows 311 which was the state of the art operating system for end users, Novell Netware was just starting to sell products but over the years it all changed. And it's still changing. But a user still needs someone who understands infrastructure, and the mechanics behind it. So, we're still in business.

A message for future colleagues

The perfect candidate? Tall, strong insomniac who is not colour-blind and can recognise different cables. Seriously, I'm completely open to giving an opportunity to anyone with a strong sense of motivation and who gets along with people. 

One skill, or rather trait, is important; to be able to recognise when you need help and need to call someone more senior for support. Basically that's it.

Why am I still with the company? I like it. I like the people. I have wonderful colleagues, we have great customers... it's a real pleasure.


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What can we do for you?

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