Story by Simone NEWSON

Finding the fun in work again

Our founder, Martin Krivy, once described Dworkin as a dog - wagging its tail, wanting to please. Sounds odd I know but when I look at my own dogs I can see something in it. The company has a hard working and loyal mentality and it's approach to life and work is not only to delight its customers but to have fun at the same time. A new experience for me and a very exciting one.

We speak 27 languages, but communicate in just one

Last year, just for fun, we counted for the first time ever, how many languages we speak across the company. Yes, twenty seven languages seems a lot, and we do talk a lot at times, but the point is that we're trained to listen first - carefully. Understanding what the client's problem is, is not about checking the comms room, Helpdesk logs or other technicalities. Plenty of people though still think so. We listen first and then speak - one language only. Our client's language.

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What can we do for you?

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