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Customers without contract shall provide requested credit first.


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Our services are delivered by 120+ technicians in 26+ EU countries. You can talk to us in your language.

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  • Sales - HW/SW Martin Soucek+420 724 031 947,
  • IT Service enquiries Martin Krivy+44 776 1300 593,
  • IT Helpdesk for contracted customers+420 606 621 000,
Our company has been ISO 9001 certified by CSQ since 2005

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Smart Hands
  • On Site Troubleshooting
  • Skills / Tools
  • Next business day / 4 hours
  • Suitable for
A well experienced field engineer works on site, based on instructions received from your IT department. Two guys talking the same technical language will fix any issue faster.

Our technician speaks English and the local language. He understands TCP/IP networking, is able to do basic Cisco configurations, Windows administration, can setup a UPS, install rack mounted equipment and configure HW. He always brings his notebook, Cisco console cable, some UTP patch cords and essential tools (screwdrivers, pliers/pincers, etc.). If more tools are needed, please just ask.

No contract is needed, only a confirmed order based on Dispatch (up to 4,5 hours on site). Give us the anticipated scope of work and ask for a quote. Travel costs are free of charge for distances up to 30km from our nearby office.

This service is often used by corporate customers during office setup/move, UPS replacement, general network/server upgrade or failure. Saving you travel costs and minimizing your down time.
  • Keeps track of all your IT related requests
  • Setup SLAs
  • Options
  • Monitoring
You will never miss a request from your users. Generates statistics and reports regarding the performance of your team, suppliers and contractors.

Control response time, setup a priority and escalation matrix. Follow ITIL procedures in a controlled manner.

Ask for a 24/7 hot-line service / your own customized portal / Configuration Management database (CMDB) - see here.

Add your key devices into our systems monitoring service, so we can help prevent future downtime and minimize reaction time during a case of a failure. Generate reports about monthly uptime %. Do better planning for investments.

All businesses aiming to improve. Save time on helpdesk rollout and one-time costs. Available as a Pay As You Go plan. Data is stored inside the EU under the EU Data Protection Act.
IT Maintenance
  • Regular IT service
  • Administration
  • Project management
  • Suitable for
We can take over all or part of the responsibility from your IT department. Outsource or share experienced IT engineers and keep in close communication with a dedicated primary Service Account Manager.

SW licenses, HW warranties, mobile and land line phone numbers, user privileges, IT policy and much more. Have regular IT management meetings. Get an IT budget forecast based on our expertise. Drive your IT to the future.

Do you need to move your office or replace an existing accounting system? Merge/Acquire (M&A) another company? All such tasks are usually very demanding for an internal IT department. You do not need to hire new people, you can just strengthen your team for the time needed.

Companies in trouble, as the internal IT department is not able to cover all the existing needs. Our clients also often use this service to relieve their IT department from 1st level support.
HW/SW Outsourcing
  • Do not buy HW, but use it
  • Software as a Service
  • Short time HW rental
  • Better then insurance
Budget and Cashflow rules. If you would like to use this service, ask for our outsourcing options. We can provide physical HW - servers, switches, desktops, notebooks, printers, etc. We also have virtual tools available in our Private Cloud. Avoid long term investments in a time of shortening innovation periods.

Constantly buying every single license might not be the best idea. We are SPLA partners with Microsoft, VMWare, Symantec and others. Ask for our monthly fee for using / testing software, which has no minimum contract length.

Do you need more computers/printers/projectors or other hardware for a short-term project? a day, a week, a month, a quarter? We can help.

Any device can fail. We can offer business' instant standby devices, which would be readily available in our nearby office. Router/switch/server(s) are pre-configured and we are able to replace your faulty device within 4 hours.
  • logoMicrosoft
  • logoVMWare
  • logoCisco
  • logoOthers

We support all Microsoft products which our customers use. We sell, rent, and upgrade licences. 

We can virtualize your servers to allow easy HW upgrades, Save money on power, space and air-conditioning. 

We secure your network, either WAN, LAN or WiFi. VPN to your branches, Add monitoring services. 

 We also sell, rent and support APC, IBM, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Rittal, R&M (Cat.6 cabling) and other brands. 


About us

Dworkin company was established in Prague, CZ in 1995. We started as LAN administrators for corporate customers. We were lucky from the very beginning to work with customers like  Neil BLAKEMAN (International Distillers & Vintners/Diageo), Roger RUARK (The Coca-Cola Company), Jan KOHOUT (Regus Business Centre), Martin BUCHAR (The Boston Consulting Group), Erik SLINGERLAND (Egon Zehnder Int.) and many others. We have learned a lot about corporate culture and policies, project management, focus to customer, etc. We went through Y2K madness, some M&As, IPOs, office moves. In 2004 we were forced by Renault-Nissan to extend ITIL practices by ISO 9001 certification. Following our growing network of customers we started our EU expansion in 2008. Actually (end of 2018) we are present in 26+ EU countries with 120+ technicians. We are still growing, looking for new challenges. 

Supporting more than 26 countries

  • Support in 4 hours
  • Support next day